Pasture Raised Eggs

Our grass-fed hens are raised on clean pastures as opposed to being kept in confinement and being fed modified grains. Eggs from pastured hens can contain up to twenty times more omega-3 fatty compared to eggs from confined factory hens. 

Our hens' diets are naturally complemented with bugs, earthworms, and critters that give their eggs a huge boost in nutrition. We like to call our eggs "beyond organic". Pastured hens are much healthier and happier than their space-restricted, hormone and antibiotic-pumped industrial cousins. 

Pasturing is the traditional method of raising egg-laying hens and comparable poultry. It is ecologically sustainable, humane, and produces the tastiest, most nutritious eggs available. For example, pastured eggs have 10 percent less fat, 40 percent more vitamin A, and 34 percent less cholesterol than eggs obtained from factory farms!

Our eggs are produced and harvested following a specialized process to produce an unbelievable, natural, chemical-free egg. We move the hen mobile or portable hen-to follow the sheep in their pasture rotations.  The laying hens free range from their shelter, eating bugs and scratching through sheep droppings to sanitize the pasture. It is a natural process for birds in nature to follow herbivores as biological cleansers.

Our hen mobile has been a dream mobile in terms of things turning out as planned and more!  Our version is built on a smaller farm wagon running gear available for purchase at Northern Tools. The beauty of the hen mobile is that it allows our hens to move from pasture to pasture twice weekly for plenty of fresh grass and other tasty hen food. The bottom of the hen mobile is made of wire large enough to allow all the droppings to fall to the pasture. This fertilizes the pastures and promotes a bountiful future of health and growth.