The mission of Tennessee's Pure Pasture Farms is to provide natural food products to allow as many as possible the ability to Eat Pure!

Established in 2014, we are blessed with the opportunity to run a clean grass farm where livestock can feed and grow in an all natural environment. We work hard to provide the opportunity to enjoy clean and healthy food raised naturally, outdoors and without all those chemicals.   We are basically grass farmers who raise livestock on our grass product so I guess we are farmer ranchers.  Anyway, we are working to protect and nurture the soil at Pure Pasture Farms we invite you to taste the products that are made possible through a pursuit of a natural and pure approach to farming that provides the production of Lamb, Chicken and Eggs that are free of chemical influence.

Come taste the difference that is made possible from the efforts to restore a pure, natural and nutritious food product for our family, our friends and our customers.  


The Pure Pasture Farms Commitment  

Our Land - We are essentially a grass farm and core to our practice is farming with NO use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides.  We are also committed to use of ONLY Non Genetically Modified Organism (non-GMO)  seeds and open pollinated seeds as much as possible in our pastures in order to keep Pure Pasture Farms pastures healthy to support the Sheep, Chicken and Turkeys that graze our land.

Our Products - We offer Lamb, Chicken Broilers, Eggs and Turkey in a steroids free, antibiotics free environment with no added hormones.  

For our Poultry we use locally grown (non-GMO) grain feed products in combination with our free ranging grass fed "beyond organic" pastured poultry products.  

Our Lamb is 100% grass fed and finished on our beautiful pure and chemical free Tennessee pastures.