Left to right - Tye Cole of White Stone Farms, and Carney Farris and Edison Guthrie of Windy Acres Farm

Left to right - Tye Cole of White Stone Farms, and Carney Farris and Edison Guthrie of Windy Acres Farm

As we continue our work to provide as natural and healthy an environment as possible for our farm we find ourselves running into many challenges in this industrial food world.  One of our big challenges has been sourcing our needs for organic grains for our Poultry and Swine livestock.  Since grain is heavy and we need lots of tonnage to support our annual production, transportation and distance becomes a big factor in cost.  Fortunately we are located very close to Albert and Carney Farris at Windy Acres Farm.  Windy Acres is a Farm in Orlinda, Tennessee that produces and sells certified organic grains.

It's not often in life you are able to meet and form a relationship with your heroes but that is exactly what is happening with us as we explore partnering possibilities with Windy Acres.  We are so blessed to have the wisdom and experience of Albert and Carney who have been actively engaged in God's plan to reconcile all things to Himself for more than 3 decades.  It's so wonderful to have them located in such a short driving distance from White Stone Farms and to have the privilege of seeing their grains become the basis for our Poultry and Pork grain feed requirements.  They are 100% organic using no synthetic pesticides and herbicides using only  non genetically modified organism (non-GMO)  seeds and open pollinated seeds as much as possible for their grain production.

We've already placed our orders for our grains and are also in the process of acquiring many Katahdin Ewes from their line which has been breed in grass fed pasture rotation based environment for many years.  This acquisition will give is 24 new Sheep mothers producing great tasting lamb for our customers for many years to come.  We have also been enjoying many of the Windy Acres products that we took home from our visits.

We are truly thankful and blessed to have this new relationship forming and look forward to seeing where this takes us in the future.  We are grateful for all the hard work of the Farris's and the way they are complimenting our ongoing efforts to bring Beyond Organic, Natural, and Healthy Products to our customers.