We now offer shipping of our lamb products to a large portion of the continental US.  We can only ship to the location where UPS can deliver within their 2 day transit window.  Please see the map below for the areas where we can ship from our farm in Springfield, Tennessee.

Pure Pasture Lamb can be shipped to all 1 day and 2 day transit locations

Pure Pasture Lamb can be shipped to all 1 day and 2 day transit locations

Shipping Information
We have a full load of work going on at the farm most days so we do not have a farm store and we do not sell direct from our farm.  We can arrange free local in some Middle Tennessee and Central Kentucky locations. Contact us for more information. 

USDA Inspected and Packaged for Freshness
Pure Pasture's Lamb  meat is USDA inspected, our processor vacuum seals the meat for freshness.  The meat is frozen when it ships to you in boxes that are essentially insulated coolers with gel packs strategically placed to help maintain temperture while in transit to you.  

Shipping Timing and Costs
We always ship early in the week (Monday and Tuesday only) to allow for any possible hiccups in transit that could extend into a weekend.  We ship with FedEx second day typcally bit we can overnight if you give us a call.  We offer Flat rate shipping of $24.95 to the continental U.S. Free shipping is offered for continental U.S. orders over $250.00. The shipping cost includes the cost of reusable insulated container and coolants. 

Arrival and Storing your Lamb
The lamb meat has been vacuum sealed and frozen to make sure it's the best tasting and highest quality product possible.  It will arrive still frozen or maybe slightly thawed in some seasons.  If it is cool to the touch you can refreeze of go ahead and cook it up with no problems.  If you are going to refreeze please do so upon arrival and as soon as possible.  You can store your frozen meat for up to six months in the vacuum sealed containers.

IMPORTANT: You must freeze or refrigerate when the product arrives or we can't be responsible for the condition of your meat.