Our pasture-raised chickens and pasture-raised turkeys are raised on a mixture of grain and fresh green pasture. The chickens are raised in movable shelters that are known as chicken tractors. The chicken tractors serve as shelter and protection for the chicken; they're moved daily to keep the environment clean and healthy! This provides our birds with the insects they love and a new salad bar of grasses each day - grown without pesticides/herbicides! We feed the birds a blend of non-GMO, locally grown and milled grain mixed with vitamins and trace minerals.

Pasture-Raised Chickens

Our chicken raising process begins with day old chicks that we nurture and grow to eight or nine weeks of age. We process our poultry here at Pure Pasture Farms in the fresh and open air. Our birds never, never receive any vaccinations, medications, hormones or steroids. We would love for you to taste the difference you will surely find in pastured poultry from Pure Pasture Farms!  It's raised here on fresh pasture, processed here as humanely as possible, and delivered to you as carefully as we deliver it to our family.  

deep flavor and less mushiness” compared to supermarket turkeys

Pasture-Raised Turkeys

Pure Pasture Farms Turkeys are delicious and beautiful for your family or holiday meals or any time for that matter! Our Turkeys enjoy fresh pasture every morning where they can enjoy the fresh air, exercise, sunshine, and all the genetically modified organism-free (GMO-Free) local grain they want. 

We integrate our herds of sheep to mow ahead of the Turkey shelters shortening the grass which encourages ingestion of tender, fresh sprouts. At Pure Pasture Farms we want every animal we raise to eat as much salad bar (aka: green material) possible.

Our heritage breed turkeys are all bred, incubated and born right here on our farm.  We raise them gently and lovingly for seven or eight months to get them ready for harvest.  The heritage breeds are very flavorful with less mushiness and deep flavor when compared to supermarket turkeys.  Most of their meat is dark.  We also raise the modern white double breasted turkeys which help us with the challenge of high demand during the holiday seasons.  



Raising Pastured Poultry with Sheep:

Integrating the sheep to mow ahead of the shelters shortens the grass and encourages ingestion of tender, fresh sprouts. We want every bird to ingest as much green material as possible.  Our pastures are raised free of herbicides and pesticides allowing us to produce the most healthy and natural chicken product available.